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Science Kits and Labs

Thames & Kosmos Children's Science Kits and labs include detailed instructions and encourage experimentation. Many of the childrens kits relate to current and future every day life that effects the entire planet. Each kit has been safety tested here in the United States and in Europe. We are adding new labs every month, please tell everyone about Flying Cloud Gifts. All Thames & Kosmos Science labs are made in Germany. Great educational science kits.    Science Kits and Labs
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Thames & Kosmos Solar Car Science
Construct a solar electric car and four additional models using an innovative motor module that can be powered by a solar cell or batteries. Build a race car that drives across the floor, a helicopter with spinning rotor blades, a windmill with spinning turbine, a jet plane, and a gyrocopter. Learn how solar cells convert energy from sunlight into electricity to drive the motor and move your models. Full color, 32 page color instruction book. 30 building pieces. Item TH622817.

Price: $22.95

Thames & Kosmos Solar Mechanics Science Kit
Build more than 20 solar-powered models to learn about how solar cells convert energy from sunlight into mechanical energy. Conduct experiments with the solar cell to see how different placement angles, different light levels, different sources of light, and different loads affect its operation. Learn about solar power in a fun, hands-on way. The 60-page, full-color experiment manual. Item TK665068. Made In Germany. Ages 8 and up.

Price: $33.95

Thames & Kosmos Solar Power Energized Vehicles
Thames & Kosmos build your own solar powered models and discover how solar cells generate electricity from light. Build six solar powered models including a locomotive, single prop plane, bulldozer, helicopter, backhoe, and twin rotor helicopter. The special solar panel in this kit consists of three solar cells and generates 1.5 volts of electricity in bright sunlight, like a AA battery. A unique cradle holds either the solar panel or the battery, allowing you to switch out the solar panel for a AA battery not included, depending on the strength of sunlight. You can even use the solar panel to charge up your own rechargeable AA batteries. The 24 page color instruction book included in this kit gives step by step instructions for assembling the six model vehicles. The 177 building pieces included in this set are compatible with those in all Thames & Kosmos Construction Series kits, Physics Series kits, Wind Power, and Hydropower kits. Item TK555006. Ages 8 and Up.

Price: $49.99

Thames & Kosmos The Human Body
Learn about the human body by doing experiments with your five senses that show you how your body works. By exploring the outside of your body with hands-on experiments, you can learn a lot about the inside anatomy of the body. Examine your fingerprints to learn how you are unique. Build a stethoscope and listen to your heartbeat to learn how your heart pumps blood, and listen to your gurgling tummy to learn how your stomach works. With the stethoscope, you can investigate how your ears hear with a listening game and a sound memory experiment. Item TK602093. Made In Germany. Ages 5 and up.

Price: $36.95

Thames & Kosmos Volcanoes & Earthquakes Study Lab
Earth is constantly changing. Massive pieces of its outer layer are slowly sliding under, over, away from, or past each other. Earthquakes shake the continents and oceans, and volcanoes spew out the molten insides of our planet. By studying these awe inspiring and devastating natural phenomena, you can learn more about the inner workings of Earth. Build and erupt a model volcano with plaster based ''lava'' that hardens after each eruption. 48 page experiment manual is included. Item TK665081. Made In Germany. Ages 10 and up.

Price: $34.94

Thames & Kosmos Wind Power Electicity Turbines 2
Thames & Kosmos build wind powered generators to energize your electric vehicles and charge your rechargeable batteries. The wind spins the turbine, which turns an electric generator, which in turn charges your rechargeable AA batteries not included. You can then use those wind- charged batteries to power the model vehicles you build. The six models include a glider, sail car, jet car, tractor, racecar, and tricycle. This kit includes two styles of wind turbine blades and a gearbox with three different gear ratios for experimenting. You can adjust the angle and number of wind turbine blades to make best use of wind, to make the LED light up brightly, and to charge the rechargeable battery as fast as possible. Explore this amazing, free source of renewable energy and store the electricity you generate for use in practical applications. This kit includes a 40 page color instruction book with illustrated step by step instructions for assembling two windmills and six model vehicles, and conducting various experiments. The 133 building pieces included in this set are compatible with those in all Thames & Kosmos Construction Series kits, Physics Series kits, Wind Power, and Hydropower kits. Ages 8 and Up. Item TK555002.

Price: $45.95

Thames & Kosmos Wind Power Science Kit
Thames and Kosmos Wind Power Childrens Science Kit. Build a working wind turbine to harness power out of thin air. Wind energy has been used for centuries to pump water and crush grain in windmills, and is now increasingly being used to generate electricity. Read about different types of wind turbines and windmills. The full-color, 32-page experiment manual offers illustrated instructions and scientific information. Ages 8+. Item number tk623913

Price: $49.95

Thames and Kosmos C2000 Advanced
CHEM C2000 by Thames and Kosmos introduces the most important topics in chemistry. Discover how everyday things work. understanding chemical reactions turns the ordinary occurrences around us into remarkable events. You will start with fun experiments to learn basic chemistry principles. Build a mini fire extinguisher and float a soap-powered boat. Write with invisible ink and test colored markers on the chromatography racetrack. The 96- page, full- color Experiment Manual. Read cautions on individual containers carefully. Not to be used by children except under adult supervision. Item number tk644512. Made In Germany.


Thames and Kosmos Crystals, Rocks, and Minerals
Crystals, Rocks, and Minerals Science Kit by Thames and Kosmos. Learn about Geology, Mineralogy, and Crystal Growing. Grow three different types of crystals that exhibit not only different colors, but also different crystal shapes. 32 page experiment manuel. Ages 8+. Item number tk642112. Made In Germany.

Price: $49.95

Thames and Kosmos Global Warming
Global Warming Science Kit by Thames and Kosmos. One of the most discussed and studied topics in the scientific community today. The kit introduces you to Earths climate and the issue of global warming with 23 hands-on experiments. The full-color, 48-page manual guides your experiments. Ages 10 and up. Item number tk663513. Made In Germany.

Price: $35.95
Sale Price: $29.95

Thames and Kosmos Glowing Crystals
Glowing Crystals by Thames and Kosmos. Children can grow phosphorescent crystals that glow in the dark. You can learn why crystals form and why they glow. Ages 8+. Item number tk659127.

Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $9.95

Thames and Kosmos Physics Simple Machines
Physics Simple Machines by Thames and Kosmos. Build models of 6 machines that include levers, pulleys, inclined planes, screws, wedges, and wheels and axles. A spring scale is used to later measure direction and magnitude of forces. Ages 8+. Item number tk700001.

Price: $13.95

Thames and Kosmos Physics Solar Power Workshop
Thames & Kosmos Solar power technology in action. Almost every form of energy we use originates as energy from the Sun. There are 320 parts. The 64-page book offers illustrated instructions for the projects. Developed with Greenpeace in Germany. Ages 8 and up. Item number tk623715. Made In Germany.

Price: $64.95

Thames and Kosmos Recycled Paper Press
Recycled Paper Press by Thames and Kosmos. Make your own paper by recycling paper, old newspapers, or tissue into hand- crafted paper. During the experiment you can change the color of paper. Ages 8+. Recommended ages 12+. Item number tk659066.

Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $9.95

Thames and Kosmos Solar Cooking Science
Solar Cooking Science by Thames and Kosmos uses the suns renewable energy by reflection of the sun's radiation. Solar thermal energy could play a big role in the future of renewable energy. Ages 8+. Item number tk659226.

Price: $14.95
Sale Price: $9.95

Thames and Kosmos Sustainable Earth Lab
Sustainable Earth Lab Environmental Science Kit by Thames and Kosmos. The kit has 5 sections including renewable energy, natural resource usage, climate change prevention, waste and water management, and energy conservation. Each of these sections include experiments with life-like results. Includes a 48 page manual guide for experiments and activities. Ages 8+. Item number tk638016.

Price: $58.00

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